NORM's logo i en rund skæv form med gradient farver af mørkeblå og lyserød og med teksten Norm Critical Consulting
Portrætbillede af Elin Ferm fra NORM, som smiler

Elin Ferm

Anthropologist & Co-founder

Elin (she/her) is one of two co-founders of NORM and is the company's primary educator, integrator and data analyst.


She is a trained anthropologist specialised in gender studies and has over 10 years of experience with norm-critical work throughout Scandinavia.


Elin is a competent advisor with a curious, thorough and solution-focused eye. Furthermore, she is known for teaching, facilitating and managing processes in an engaging, responsive and pedagogical way.


She is also an award-winning wakeboarder who, since 2014, has worked strategically to make extreme sports more inclusive.


Stine Kunkel

Interaction designer & Co-founder

Portrætbillede af Stine Kunkel fra NORM, som smiler

Stine (she/her) is the other co-founder of NORM and responsible for running the company.


She has a degree from Copenhagen’s IT University, specializing in interaction design. In addition to running NORM on a daily basis, she adds design processes (Design Thinking, behavioural design, etc.) to NORM’s change processes.


Furthermore, Stine has an education in digital design and communication. She is involved in several boards, elected to the Vesterbro Local Committee and the founder of a national industry network with 80+ companies.

This is how we work

  1. Context-based | You are experts on your business. We co-create solutions tailored to your context and find new perspectives in dialogue with you.

  2. Curious and non-judgmental | We see inclusion-work as a learning- and iterative process, with a focus on curiosity, reflection and space to practice.

  3. Engaging | We use inclusive methods and examples, which make the work understandable and motivating - for everyone in the room.
  4. Bridge building | We build bridges between the latest research, practical experience, your everyday life and the challenges you face.
  5. Action focused | We support you in moving from words to action, with a focus on concrete and measurable action points.
  6. With the human being in focus | Using methods from anthropology and behavioural design, we help you translate insights on human behaviour into sustainable solutions in your organisation.
NORM consulting logo

NORM was created in 2020 with a vision to accelerate norm-critical work in Scandinavia.

We are based in Copenhagen, but work in Danish, English and Swedish - digitally and physically - across all of Scandinavia.