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What is better than real-world examples? We have gathered four cases to give you a better insight into our work and our customers' experience.

Strategic DEI process

Nov 2022 - Feb 2023

Over the course of four months, we guided the restaurants Omar, Safari and Lamar through a strategic process around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  

The process started with a qualitative analysis of all managers' and employees' views on strengths, challenges and potentials in relation to creating a more inclusive workplace. Based on this data, NORM developed a list of recommendations for the management team, which laid the foundation for a further action plan. After a series of management workshops held by NORM, the management team were equipped to develop the action plan and a user-oriented code of conduct, as well as drive the change process forward in their everyday.

The client says:

Photo: Niels Ahlmann Olesen

"We have had a very thorough, thought-provoking and highly professional process with NORM, which has done wonders in terms of pushing the thinking of all employees in a more inclusive and respectful direction. Additionally, and most importantly, we have created a platform and acquired tools to continue the journey on our own.”

Simon Leo

Restaurant owner, Omar, Lamar og Safari

Guide for  employess - full of exercises

Jun - Sep 2022

NORM has, in collaboration with Gentofte Central Library, developed a national guide - filled with exercises and hands on dialogue-tools about norms and representation in the library world.


“Det mangfoldige…” supports library staff in creating more inclusive libraries and making sure that action follows the intention that libraries should be diverse and safe spaces for all citizens.

The client says:

"We have had a fantastic time collaborating with NORM. During the development process, we received super qualified sparring on the content - in a pleasant, humorous and thorough manner - and the final product is so convincing with the design that NORM also provided. It is one of the collaborations we have learned the most from and at the same time had the best time with for a long time."

Amalie Ørum Hansen

Chief consultant, Gentofte Central Library

We can highly recommend NORM! They manage to create a safe, reflective and inclusive space to work with what is difficult for many to talk about.”

Christine Bruun

Head of the Central Library

A room for leadership reflection

Jan - Dec 2022

Throughout 2022, NORM acted as a permanent sparring partner for the management group behind the interdisciplinary project Malmökraften, a project between four Swedish authorities.


Through the 'Reflective Team' method, NORM created a space where the managers examined and discussed challenging issues, dilemmas and recieved tools to make more qualified decisions.

The client says:

"NORM manages to create a safe space, that makes it able for us to dare to tackle what can otherwise be very challenging. Thanks to the collaboration with NORM, we in the management group have not only gained a better understanding of each other, but also a greater acceptance of our differences. With a more open mind and reflection, we have succeeded in getting the employees involved in the development work, which of course has had a positive outcome on the results we achieve.


I can highly recommend NORM - the work they have done has had an impact on so many levels."

Natalia Kuprijanko

Project manager, Malmökraften 2.0

Co-created Code of Conduct

Nov - Dec 2021

NORM helped the Department of Architecture and Design at the Royal Academy to create a more inclusive study environment.


In close collaboration, NORM held lectures for all the institute's students, followed by Code of Conduct-workshops for each individual programme. Insights and recommendations were collected throughout these workshops and were thereafter presented to the management, with concrete proposals and initiatives regarding how to improve the study environment.

The client says:

"NORM are able to combine skilled facilitation with concrete tools to work with in practice, and I can therefore give them a strong recommendation."

Mathilde Gry Serup

Head of Institute, Architect MAA Institute of Architecture and Design

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